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about us

Established in 2008 ikon became the place for young Los Angeles skaters, rappers and artists to hang out influencing their surrounding culture.

We exclusively use hand drawn designs for our collections. There is a process of approving the hand drawn design before we go further into cleaning it up with computer software. This mode of operation is to ensure that our company stays organic... from the depths of designs to the journey of relationships.

ikon works with Xavier Wulf & Lil Yachty to create the most influencial collaborations and collections out of Los Angeles, impacting the world's youth.

ikon is located at 7817 Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles California.



ikon designed the most influenced ikon x Lil Yachty collaboration and collection's that have been released. Yachty and ikon have designed and worked on projects together since early 2016. The jerseys are the foundation for lil yachty's fashion, that contributed to his sky rocket status.




Here are some of ikon x Xavier Wulf's collaboration and collection's that have been available. Xavier and ikon have designed and worked on projects together since 2011. The deep relationship has been the foundation for some of the raddest pieces influencing the underground rap and fashion youth culture.


IKON 7817 Melrose Avenue. Los Angeles, CA 90046